Ironwood Recycled Timbers Ltd puts new life into old seemingly useless wood. Old growth Australian hardwoods are amongst the strongest and most durable timbers in the world. Traditionally they were imported into New Zealand for use in heavy outdoor construction such as wharves and railway bridges.

We recycle these beautiful timbers and have been the industry leader in New Zealand for 30 years. We're proud to work with this special wood, which has been weathered astoundingly for over a century.  As each piece offers a unique history and natural character from years of use which can not be recreated in a factory, it elevates the meaning and aesthetics of your project.

As the overwhelming and necessary demand for environmental stewardship continues to increase, so too does the demand for sustainable building practices. Recycled timber is one such practice which greatly mitigates our environmental impact. Not only does this responsible choice combat the issue of deforestation on the front end, but also serves as waste management on the back end.

With the experience to achieve any type of vision Ironwood can help your next project become an artistic and environmental success.

 IRONWOOD RECYCLED TIMBERS LTD | Phone: 027 6543 589 | ironwood@xtra.co.nz | Earnscleugh (Central Otago)

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