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We use two different approaches to recycle hardwood. With the RUSTIC finish the character of the wood is preserved and accentuated. Whereas the SAWN finish gives us the possibilty to reuse the wood in various ways and sizes, such as decking or to build furniture.


Our Rustic product is made up of 17 different types of hardwood which has been previously part of an old structure, either a bridge, wharf or building. Over many years the wood becomes weathered and shaped, creating a very unique look, emphasising the beautiful density of grains that comes with Australian hardwood. No single piece is the same.



Our sawn product is created with the use of typical milling techniques.  The main difference is we only use recycled wood, mainly old powerpoles. The process includes salvaging, denailing, debolting and then picking the best possible log to create specific timber sizes. After milling, the timber is then buffed to give it a smooth, touch friendly surface, also enhancing the brilliant natural Australian hardwood colours.

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