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→ back RED BROWNS Most common Australian hardwoods come in shades of reds and browns. There is a variety of Ironbark species which include these characteristics plus species such as Red Gum, Jarrah, Bloodwood or Spotted Gum. YELLOWS Species of Australian Hardwood that show lighter more yellowish shades tend to be either Tallowwood, Blackbutt or White mahogany. Both carry the strength and durability of typical Aussie hardwoods, but tend to have a softer, lighter look. When oiled, the woods beautiful grains are brilliantly displayed, giving each piece its own unique look. Timbers are commonly measured in three different categories: density, hardness, and durabilty. Density is measured in kg/m3 at 12% moisture content. Hardness is quantified using the Janka Rating Scale, which measures the force required to embed an 11.28mm steel ball into wood to half the ball's diameter at 12% moisture content (measured in kilonewtons). Durability is measured using the Natural Durabilit


→ Bridges    → Furniture    → Gates We supply exceptional timber that has the ability to support your house and roof. Structural roof trusses can be effective and beautiful options that add special character to your home. We are able to preconstruct the trusses if necessary. There is all different kinds of trusses, please talk to us about your ideas.


→ Trusses    → Bridges    → Furniture    A gate - the entrance to your home, is the first impression people get from your house. Our high quality hardwood products don't only look beautiful, they'll also add value to your property and will last for generations.   Talk to us about your ideas and we'll be happy to built a custom entrance for your home. 


→ Trusses    → Bridges    → Gates We at Ironwood very much enjoy creating long lasting furniture with character. Like for all of our other products we use nothing but beautiful old recycled hardwood. Our construction technique takes into consideration the natural movement of the timber, that's why our tables and benches are built without any glue or tech screws.  Strong, stable and durable furniture of high quality is the result. It is suitable for all environments, be it wet or dry. And bear in mind that everything about hardwood is very hard, very dense and very heavy, it would never blow away in a Northwester and will be passed on for generations. We love to take on any furniture challenge you might have to produce a piece that you imagine. We're extremely proud of our refectory tables, both dressed and rustic. Made with a unique steel framing technique that we developed for the movement needs of the wood and design character.


→ Trusses    → Furniture    → Gates Old growth Australian hardwoods are amongst the strongest and most durable timbers in the world. Traditionally they were imported into New Zealand for use in heavy outdoor construction such as wharves and railway bridges. Ironwood has been recycling these impressive timbers for 30 years, and we are now using recycled Australian hardwoods to recreate these stunning bridges of the past. Artistic, unique, and fully functional bridges 100% recycled from the very structures which helped shape New Zealand's history. Additionally, each timber is used to its fullest potential when excess material from our light vehicle single lane bridges are used for our small foot bridges. Each bridge is individually handcrafted and can be built to your exact requirements.